Monday, 6 June 2016

Abdullahi An Naim's Folly-Shari’ah Is Not The Product Of Scholars by Dr Khalif Muammar

As anticipated, the presence of Abdullahi an-Naim in this country only caused more confusion and bewilderment. In a statement reported by Free Malaysia Today, Abdullahi said that hudud is not found in the Quran, “It is merely speculation. If hudud is derived from the Quran, please show me this text.”

He added that it is unIslamic to “sneak Shari’ah punishments” into the legal system without an open debate with the public.

Abdullahi alleged that PAS and UMNO’s recent move for the enhancement of the Shari’ah court act was undemocratic, despite the fact that the bill was proposed in the parliament and is still at an early stage of presentation and therefore has not been sufficiently debated. The bill cannot be passed if it does not have the agreement of  the majority of the members of parliament. It should also be clear that the bill proposed by Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi is not hudud.

It is only a bill for the enhancement for the current Shari’ah court system that is in fact outdated and marginalised. The allegation that these issue are not openly discussed is not true. This is due to the fact that the majority of this country agree that Islam should be implemented in all aspects of life and so the minority is obliged to respect the choice of the majority if they truly embrace democracy.

It is clear that Abdullahi does not understand Shari’ah nor hudud. He can’t deny the fact that Shari’ah and hudud are in the Quran; this fact is known by everyone that studies Islam, so much so that students in the secondary schools are able to understand this matter. Shari’ah is not the product of scholars. It was revealed and practiced since the time of the Prophet S.A.W. and has become a part of the Muslim life until this very day. Abdullahi is only playing with words. He can deceive the ignorant Muslims and  non-Muslims, however he can’t succeed in deceiving most people.

Abdullahi is not an Islamic scholar what more to classify him as an authority in religion whose words are referred to and adopted for implementation. He is considered  an expert in the Western legal system upon graduating from a secular university and is indeed highly praised due to his vocal criticism of Islamic law. Obviously, he has more faith in the secular and the liberal ideologies than Islam. That is his choice but he should not impose his views upon the Muslims in this country.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Khalif Muammar A Harris


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