Sunday, 13 July 2014

Negara-Ku and racism: Which version, whose definition?


What is the significance of Negara-Ku, the newly formed coalition?
Why should we rejoice in the formation of another coalition that was formed among others, by the signatories of COMANGO petition?
Have we forgotten that these signatories are the same persons who had opposed the articles in the constitutions that is pertinent in the sanctity of Islam as the religion of the Federation?
We have not yet come to an agreement of what constitute the definition of racism, but we’re quick to agree to this Negara-Ku’s version.
Negara-Ku mulls racism,  in response to those who are defending the rights of majority Muslim where Syariah law and Islam position are being challenged.
One may simply look at the unfolding events where online portals have cried foul over statements by ISMA or the Deputy Prime Minister to understand these premises. ISMA has been opposing the relentless attacks made towards Islamic institutions in Malaysia ranging from the kalimah Allah’s issue,  JAIS seizing the Malay Bibles which had breached court’s order,  down to case of child’s custody and apostasy. ISMA has also opposed the COMANGO demands as they we’re detrimental to Islam. These are not racism.
Ambiga may be sitting there for a civil cause but she remains a strong proponent of issues like LGBT. She had officiated Sexuality Merdeka in 2011 and was the former Bar Council president, one of the vocal critics for Islamic implementation in Malaysia.
With this background in mind,  we can foresee where Negara-Ku is heading towards defining unity, racism and extremism.
For IKRAM or Ustaz Mujahid to lend their credentials as Islamic NGO and political leader respectively, this is truly a setback for the move against secularising of the nation and towards shaping for a better Islamic State.  It’s perhaps the beginning of creating soft spots in the young Muslims’ hearts and minds on contentious issue like LGBT, a secular Malaysia and embracing pluralism. How could they not, when they see you’re walking hand in hand towards a cause so vague as far as Islam is concern with the figures who are championing values outside the tenets of religion?  
We hope to hear a firmer stand on issues like Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI), apostasy and the likes in future from Muslim leaders affiliated with Negara-Ku.
Prof Madya Dr Rafidah Hanim Mokhtar
Chief of Information,
Wanita ISMA


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